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Whether you require carbon-free heating and cooling for an entire energy district, hospital, or shopping mall, or a clean air strategy for a warehouse, office building, or church, our range of products will help you meet this moment – and save you money.

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A pioneer in the use of efficient eco-energy HVAC-R solutions, FALKONAIR’s Smart Compressor Control systems offer live cloud monitoring and maximum energy savings while not intruding on the refrigeration cycle.

FALKONAIR’s Smart Compressor Control Systems


  • Energy-efficient compressor with plug-and-play control and set-up
  • Only solution to deliver savings of 35% or more
  • Algorithm performance monitoring and control
  • Integrates with variable speed and staged compressors
  • Expected lifespan of 25 years



Developed to prevent against the effects of chemical warfare attacks, EAGLE X PRO’s bipolar ionization technology neutralizes the bacteria, mold, fungi, and virus particles found in a facility’s air. Offered products include a free-standing fan unit and Corona Discharge Bipolar Ionization mounts for VAC and HVAC units with outputs of up to 1 trillion ions per second.



  • Patented air purification device, specifically developed to bring the health and quality of natural air to indoor environments
  • Generated high-density O2+ and O2- ions combine with air moisture to produce hydrogen peroxide clusters around harmful pathogens
  • D5 Fan is free-standing and can be powered by a wall outlet or USB port
  • D5 Mount allows for continuous production of an equal amount of positive and negative ions at high density
  • D6 Mount is self-contained in aluminum housing and has an ion output of 1 trillion per second

Custom Builds


Should you have a particular clean-air need, or require unique specs, we’ll work with you to customize a solution. We have the contacts and suppliers, and we’re committed to carbon-free, renewable energy in Manitoba. Send us a query and we’ll be in touch.

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